Many people have proved to themselves the significance

Many people have proved to themselves the significance of using a quality pump, either for home use, for industrial use, or for food and beverages application. In fact, the medical field now is very much abreast in the uses of pumps in a number of surgical operations. In particular, when looking for peristaltic pumps, buyers are advised to consider the following factors: 1. NUMBER OF ROLLERS. For a peristaltic pump, having two rollers is sufficient. The number of rollers may either be odd or even, however, this does not really matter. If there are more rollers, the flowChina paper tube packaging manufacturers rate of the pump can become slower. 2. OCCLUSION. The term occlusion pertains to the squeezing of the tube in the pump; this is said to be the very heart of the whole pump. It being a type of a positive displacement pump, the operation of the device is, more or less, dependent on the revolution volume of its motor. For example, if the wall of the tube is as thick as 0.125" and it is squeezed together, it becomes 0.25" more or less. As a consequence, the space in between the pump wall and the roller has to be lesser than that, say 0.24" or less. This means that the pump’s occlusion is 0.008" more or less. 3. FRICTION. The aspect on friction cannot be disregarded. Other pump models employ a spring loading where the tube of the pump is pressed against. The purpose of this feature is that as the tolerance of the tube deteriorates, there would be no leaks and there would still be enough occlusion. 4. STEPPER MOTOR. Motor options with different controlling complexities, such as DC and AC, are available. Typically, DC motors are so easy to use compared to other motors. 5. ENCODER SUPPORT. Not every pump available in the market has an encoder support. The encoder feature is the one responsible for counting the motor numbers, and for accurate pump control and monitoring. The most common types of are magnetic and optical. 6. TUBING MATERIAL. Metals such as stainless steel can be expected to last long, and are relatively easy to autoclave. For cheaper choices, those made of plastic materials and other lightweight elements may appear attractive. For the pump body and the rollers, examine their wear life and the extent of maintenance China Round Kraft Tube Box Manufacturersrequired. 7. COST. This aspect is crucial in way that while some pumps are costly, other models are economical. For example, a typical water pump may be inexpensive, while a medical pump used in a heart bypass operation may be extremely expensive. In fact, other pump models require so many testing, research and monitoring, and FDP approvals before they are made available to the public; the cost of all these items, necessarily, will be added to the market price of the device.


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